Beat the Heat With Quality Cool Roofs
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Beat the Heat With Quality Cool Roofs

One of the ways to keep cool on a hot, sunny day is to wear white or light-colored clothes because darker ones will only absorb heat. The same also applies to a home—the lighter the roof color is, the less heat it absorbs. That’s why many homeowners today are switching to cool roofs, typically white in color, to improve energy efficiency.

Quality Cool Roofs

Starr Roofing, the roofing specialist, explains more:

How a Cool Roof Works

The two basic properties that measure the “coolness” of a roof are thermal emittance (TE), which evaluates the material’s ability to release absorbed heat, and solar reflectance (SR), which measures the amount of sunlight the surface reflects. Both of these are rated on a scale from 0 to 1, where 1 is the most emissive or reflective. In other words, the higher the numbers are, the cooler the roof is.

According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, a plain white residential roofing system reflecting 80% of the sunlight can stay about 55% cooler than a gray roof. Meanwhile, dark-colored roof shingles have lower TE and SR ratings than light-colored ones because they absorb more sunlight, heating both your home and the surrounding air. One way to improve its rating is through the application of reflective roof coatings.

Its Valuable Benefits

You can enjoy several benefits when you invest in a cool roof. For one, you can reduce your monthly air-conditioning bills since you keep your HVAC systems from working harder and longer. In turn, this improves your living space’s comfort levels throughout the seasons. Furthermore, you can prolong the life of your roof since it doesn’t retain excessive heat that can cause premature wear. More importantly, it minimizes the urban heat island effect, which is detrimental to the environment and your quality of life.

Starr Roofing: Your Reliable Partner for Cool Roofs

As your go-to company for residential and commercial roofing, Starr Roofing can provide you with quality cool roofs to keep your property energy-efficient and comfortable. We offer GAF’s Timberline® Cool Series® shingles, which can help save up to 15% of your total cooling costs. Unlike traditional shingles, they come with specially designed roofing granules for superior reflectance. Our metal roofs are also an excellent solution when you’re looking for longevity and low life cycle costs.

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