How to Extend Your Roofing’s Operating Life Span
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How to Extend Your Roofing’s Operating Life Span

Standard roofing has an operating lifespan of 20 to 25 years, and while this may seem long, it does not take into account the kind of elemental damage and general wear and tear it experiences. Fortunately, there are ways you can extend your roofing’s life span. Read on as Starr Roofing and Gutters discusses how.

Roofing Repair

Repair the Roof When Necessary

It’s easy to discount small leaks and tiny aberrations in your roofing, but even the smallest roofing problem can quickly become a bigger and more expensive one. A small leak, for example, can rapidly grow during summer due to a combination of heat and high humidity.

We suggest hiring us for our roof repair services if you notice small leaks forming. It’s better to address them as soon as possible considering that larger leaks are expensive and can cause significant internal damage to the roof’s structure and the ceiling or attic below it.

Remove Roof Debris

We suggest you clear any leaves, twigs, and branches in your roofing. While these may seem harmless, they can actually wear your roof down and lower its life span. Leaves caught in between the shingles will rot and this will eventually spread to the shingles themselves. The branches may also scratch off the protective granules of the shingles and make them more susceptible to moisture damage.

Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters will fail to properly divert water away from the home. While the risk here is water damage on the foundation, the excess water may also damage the lower deck board along the gutter line. This is dangerous since this where the shingles stand on, and constant water damage will lower its structural integrity.

Let us help you extend your roof’s lifespan. Give us a call (512) 736-6539 for more information on our services. We install roofing throughout San Antonio, TX, and other parts of Texas.